They say the best and most original musical talents can't ever
be placed into a single box category. Meron Addis is one such
performer; whereby effortlessly powerful meets smooth,
vulnerability meets strength and past sounds meets present.


London born and raised, but remaining close to her Ethiopian
heritage, Meron has absorbed many musical resonances and
life perspectives that have shaped the artist and person she is
today. “My family mainly listened to soul oldies, and Ethiopian
music so that was always around me, and then I had own love
for pop and r&B from the 90s and early 00s. That era will always
have a place in my heart.”

Meron initially sang and performed out of joy, but after hearing
her riff at random, an older cousin recognised and nurtured her
gift, introducing her to incredible gospel singers and helping her
to hone her vocal ability. Since then, her bubbling creativity led
her to focus on developing her own music. “I love poetry. I love
putting words together in a way that just clicks, but isn’t
forced... it just tells the story. I always note down my thoughts
and then use it for a song later,” She explains.

As the rising star continues to build her audience of loyal
listeners in different parts of the world, she has received praise
from acclaimed publications such as Wonderland mag, Notion
and more aswell as being added to popular Spotify playlists
such as “This Is How We Do” and "R&B UK". Reflecting on the
creative process she recognised that “what you go through
gives you a lot more to draw from as an artist, so it can be
bittersweet at times.” Combining her reminiscent influences
with a breath of fresh air, she’s able to sing with power and
agility whilst opting for softer, simpler moments too. This
empathic beauty channels her stories of imperfection, love and

acceptance into relatable works of art, provoking thought and
emotions that connect us all.